_JaneDoe_ (sugarlips04) wrote,

So when this first ended, you were positive you would want me back. I wonder where you stand on that now. It used to be the only thing that kept me smiling. Was thinking that you and i would be together again. But im not sure i even should get back together with you. everyone says im better off, though ive never listened to anyone elses opinion of "us". I know id take you back in a second just because i have a totally lack of good judgment. even though id lose friends, and respect from family, i still think id take you back and thats disgusting to me that i have let you take up so much of my heart. I dont want to like you anymore. and i guess its normal for me to feel this way, a year and a half is a long time to sacrifice everything to maintain a relationship, and it sucks that it was all in vein. everytime i talk to you i dont know what to say. its so awkward. i hate myself for losing you.

i hate myself for loving you.

side note. i give up on you. i was obviously wrong.
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